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Can You Believe I Lost Weight On Vacation?

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About two weeks ago, I went on a mini vacation to South Beach Florida with a couple of my girlfriends to enjoy the sun, relax and retreat before the hustle and bustle of the Fall goes into full affect.   As I prepared for my trip and day dreamed about looking my very best, I made a commitment to BRING it with my nutrition and exercise.  For three months, I watched what I ate, when I ate, how much I ate and crushed my exercise program.  I was determined to look and feel my best will soaking in the Florida sun.  I will admit that I looked great, I was happy with my progress and got off the plane with the intention to have a great time.


While I was on vacation, I noted to my girlfriends that I was feeling a lot “smaller” than I did before I landed in Miami.   My clothes were fitting different, I was lighter and felt 100% confident in my skin.  It wasn’t until my last day on vacation that I had an A-HA moment and it hit me why I was losing weight on vacation, I WASN’T EATING!!!  Before you start thinking that I starved myself or did something crazy let me reassure you that was not the case, let me explain.  Here is what I discovered and what contributed to my weight loss.   While I attended the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, they introduced a concept called PRIMARY FOODS that completely changed the way I work with my clients.


Primary foods feed us but they do not come on a plate; they ignite the passions that are deep within our soul, they make us feel alive and strive to bring our best to anything that we do.  It can be as simple as having an inspiring career, a meaningful spiritual practice, regular exercise that you absolutely enjoy and having honest and open relationships.   In essence when you are completely and totally enjoying life, living it to the fullest and standing in your power, you are feeding your primary foods (your soul’s passion) and have no desire to look at secondary food as THE “food” that will satisfy your needs.  When I stepped off the plane my INTENTION was to have a blast, to enjoy my friends and create amazing memories.  I didn’t focus or stress myself about how much I was going to “eat or not eat.”   I gave myself permission to live life and that is exactly what I did.   


Interestingly  when I returned home, I continued on my journey to fill my soul with primary foods, I started to dive into the things that nourish and feed my deepest desires.  My clothes got looser and before I knew it, I had effortlessly released unnecessary “weight”!  Talk about liberation.


Here is my question to you, what are you allowing to feed your soul?  Are you spending your time counting calories, jumping from diet to diet hoping that this time you have FOUND that magic pill that will not only help you lose weight but finally make you happy?   Are you are feeding yourself “secondary foods while starving for primary foods.  See what I know to be true is that no amount of secondary food will feed you deepest desires.   You can eat as much as you want, but you will never be satisfied until you take some time and connect with your inner body wisdom.   What is your soul telling you? Are you listening? And don’t believe the hype, no diet program or pill will get you closer to your dream life, that journey has to start within.


I encourage you to take a look at your primary foods because the more primary food we receive, the less we depend upon secondary foods and  the more we fill ourselves with secondary foods, the less we are able to receive the primary foods of life.  Take some time to explore your inner most desires, feed your soul what she is asking for and watch the fat melt away.

To your health,

Ange Anglade, MSW, CHHC

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Written by Ange Anglade

Ange Anglade, MSW, CHHC, is the founder of Ange Anglade Coaching and Consulting Services, a holistic lifestyle company dedicated to working with women and girls around health and emotional wellness. She has combined her passion for social work, along with her training in psychotherapy, emotional freedom technique and holistic nutrition to help women and girls freely and openly love themselves first without apology. It is her mission and life work to empower women and girls to embrace self love, self confidence and positive self talk into their soul.

Coined as an ambassador for emotional wellness; Ange develops holistic and wellness programs, coaching girls ages 8-17 through her innovative program girl INSPIRED™ to look within themselves and fully embrace their unique talents, skills and inner beauty. She works closely with women through her Weight Release Program, Reclaim Your Sexiness™ designed to empower women to get off the diet roller-coaster, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, heal their body story and end emotional eating for good. This unique holistic approach looks at the total picture to address all areas of a person’s life in relation to releasing excess weight, providing them with tools that they need to take back control of their life, creating balance and wholeness.


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