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Coaching for Teen & Tween Girls (ages 8-18)

I am excited to offer coaching for teen and tween girls, creating a safe and nuturing space for them to flourish, shine, share their challenges, victories, create powerful stories that builds self confidence and positive self esteem. 


Why did Ange expanded her health and holistic services to include girls?

It's simple, she absolutely love working with girls!  Ange created girl INSPIRED™​ because she truly believes that girls have greatness inside of them to become whatever their soul desires.  Her coaching program empowers girls ages 8-18 to look within themselves, fully embrace their unique talents, skills and completely love person they see in the mirror.  Girls who receive mentoring and coaching will fall madly in love with themselves from the inside out making healthy choices so they can create the amazing and fabulous future. 


The goal of girl INSPIRED™​ coaching program is to:

INSPIRE girls to recognize their greatness

INSPIRE girls to recognize their power

INSPIRE girls to become who they desire to be

INSPIRE girls to recognize their real beauty

INSPIRE girls to make healthy choices 


Private and Group Coaching

Multi cultural group teenage school girl friends

Ange, offers private and group coaching, together with her clients and their families she identifies the best coaching packages that will meet the needs of the entire family.  Parenting workshops and coaching is also available on a case-by-case basis. 


Coaching Topics:

  • Healthy body image and self-acceptance
  • Dating (choices, break-ups, sex)
  • School stress and academic pressure
  • Decision making
  • Friendship challenges, dealing with "girl drama"
  • Family relationship challenges
  • Mapping out future and/or life goals
  • Pressure from themselves and others
  • Leadership development
  • Connecting with self, embracing inner beauty
  • Celebrating the power within
  • Self-destructive behavior and negative feelings about self
  • much more


How to enroll in girls INSPIRED™ Coaching:

Conduct a "Getting to Know You" 30 minute complimentary inquiry call to get  a better understanding of what is going on with your daughter to determine whether coaching is the best solution for her. Please email Ange to set up a call.

Conduct an intake session – a 90 minute session for parents/guardians to go deeper into your daughter’s current challenges and history, to discuss how coaching works and to identify your goals for your daughter’s coaching.

Choose a life coaching package – Ange offers six and twelve week coaching packages and prefers to work with girls a minimum of three to six months to achieve the desired results.  Group coaching is also available.