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Attention Women who have tried it ALL, Get Ready To End Your Battle With Food, Weight and That Dreadful Scale..

 Let me ask you something?

Are you spinning your wheels, counting calories, controlling carbs, obsessing about your hips, thighs, butt, and falling prey to the latest fad diets with no real lasting results to show for? 

Do you find yourself in search of “the” magic pill, potions, shakes, secretly hoping that they will unlock your genes, turn them into fat burning machine but only to discover that these solutions are keeping you hostage from the very place that you are trying to escape?

Are you looking for the simplest, effective, enjoyable way to release fat without denial, deprivation and sacrificing the little time you have exercising but don’t know where or how to start?

Perhaps you’ve tried every diet under the sun, but now realize that you need support to help get the results that you desire.

If you are ready to put an end to the struggle and find long-term solutions to creating your ideal body, I invite you to read on…….



Far as long as I can remember, I have always maintained a size 14 and have been okay with that.  I embraced my curves and can honestly say that I truly loved my body.  That all changed after having my children.  After the birth of my third child, I could no longer recognize my body.  In January 2003, I found myself at rock bottom, weighing 200lbs, 5’3 and squeezing into size 18 dresses.   Getting dressed for work was the most dreadful time for me because I had very limited choices, with selected items that I comfortably wore to hide my pain of being overweight.    On some days, I wore my maternity clothes to work, hoping no one would notice because I was 18months postpartum.  I was miserable, unhappy with the way I looked and felt.  I didn’t have time to exercise, didn’t have time to eat healthy but knew I wanted to make a change.   After failing miserably at quick fix diet programs, magic pills, potions and starving myself, I decided to join the gym.   I went faithfully but didn’t know where to start or what to do, discourage with my results, I stopped going and resumed my unhealthy lifestyle.   

After looking at a picture of myself from a family vacation trip, something clicked inside me and I vowed that I would figure out a way to reclaim my body and my life.   I gave myself permission to nurture; care for my own needs and reconnected with myself.  I began to embrace my life holistically and in the process, released 50+ pounds.   I released the thoughts to be a certain size, to be the perfect mom and simply allowed myself to be present with myself and in my own thoughts daily.  By loving who I was and releasing the pain, I not only transformed my body but my life. I went from a very tight size 18 to a comfortable size 8 and have maintained my weight since 2006.  I have created my ideal body and awakened my soul’s mission.  I have completely fallen in love with myself as a mommy, wife and woman.  My journey has allowed me to find my groove, connect with my true essence and become a powerful sexy sassy mommy and loving the life that I was born to live. 


The Bottom Line….

If you are looking to create the body you want and keep the weight off for good, you must ditch the diet mindset, stop looking outside of yourself and look within for solutions.  One thing that you can be certain is that diet is an inside game.  If you are looking for real transformation, you will have to change your mindset and reprogram your brain to think thin.  Contrary to popular belief, eating clean and exercise, is a small part of creating a healthy lifestyle. In order to successfully reach your goals, you must tap into your inner power to help you stick with your program.  This is where most diets fall short, they will give you a meal plan, tell you to write down your goals but they don’t teach you how to reprogram your brain which is the key for long lasting fat blasting results.  


Take A Moment to Imagine How Fantastic You would feel if you  ended your struggle with food, your weight and created your Ideal body once and for all… …




Give me 6 weeks and I will show you how FUN and effortless it can be to release weight when you just let go and LIVE  


Body Wisdom Bootcamp™  


A 6 Week Body Super Easy, Fun, Fat Blasting and Mind Empowering System Designed To Help You Create Your Ideal body Without the Food Obsession   


The Body Wisdom Bootcamp Program is designed to help women just like yourself create your ideal body in a way that is easy, effortless, healthy, fun without dieting and deprivation.   This dynamic program will teach you how to instantly get crystal clear on what you want for your body and life.  It offers a new way of thinking, eating, and living that allows you to not only achieve your ideal weight, but also maintain it very easily and permanently.   You will be equipped with powerful tools that will identify the blocks that are sabotaging your success.  You will discover and acknowledge that YOU have the power to simply open your hands, your heart to achieve your success.   Losing weight is hard. Releasing it the way I am going to show you is easy and stress free. 


Here are some of the results you can expect to create when you show up powerfully,  ready to do the work to change your body and life..

       You will stop obsessing about your weight and finally free yourself to live the full life you deserve

·       You will wear clothes that make you feel incredible and not feel self-conscious about your body

·       You will feel more in control of your life and increase your self confidence

·       You will finally fit into the clothes that are sitting in your closet

·       You will experience the pleasure of eating the foods you love—without guilt or overeating

·       You will develop powerful patterns of thinking to help you live the balanced, vibrant life you desire

·       You will equip yourself with tools that will help you make educated and empowered decisions around your food choices

·       You will reconnect with your true essence, enjoy your family and look fabulous at the same time 


 This 6 week Virtual Group Coaching Program covers

1.      Releasing Limited Beliefs  

2.      Preparing your Home for Success

3.      Demystifying Nutrition

4.      Reprogram Your Mind Thin  

5.      Preparing for Obstacles

6.      Maintaining Your System


Here’s what you’ll receive in this transformational program…


Week  1

Release the Fat That’s Holding You Back 

Learn How

  • Determining  your inner “WHY”, will make the “How” of weight release manageable
  • Setting crystal clear goals will get you the lean, fit healthy body you want
  • Tapping into the theater of your mind will unlock the key to successful weight release
  • Visualizing where you want to be will skyrocket your weight release success
  • Creating your body contract with yourself will hold the key to long lasting results
  • Detoxing the clutter in your mind will help you release excess weight

Bonus: You will also receive:

  • The Release The Weight Workbook and Awareness Journal
  • Body Commitment Contract
  • Goal Setting Workbook and Guide to help motivate you
  • 7 Day Detox Guide
  • Detox Meal Plan
  • Detox Grocery List  


Week  2

Detoxing your Kitchen: Preparing Your Home for your Success 










Learn How 

  • To create an irresistible healthy kitchen
  • Eliminate self-sabotage food clutter
  • Restock your fridge and pantry with healthy foods
  • Clear away clutter in your home environment
  • Including your family into your weight management goals to maximize your results

Bonus: You will also receive:

  • Dump the Junk Healthy Kitchen Check list
  • The Well-Stocked Kitchen Guide
  • Kitchen Make-over Must Have checklist for your Pantry, Freezer and Fridge


Week 3

Abc’s of Eating:  How to eat yourself thin

Learn How eating28days
  • Become a Smart Supermarket Shopper
  • To choose the right fat burning foods
  • Crack of the code of reading food labels to burn more fat
  • Rediscover when, what, and how much to eat without restrictive rules
  • How to easily plan for fat burning meals
  • The importance of portion control
  • Overcome Food Addictions Checklist

Bonus: You will also receive:

  • Virtual Grocery Food Tour  
  • Food Journal template and guide
  • The Aisle-by-Aisle Super Market Guide
  • Healthy Foods Checklist
  • Health Meal Tracker
  • Overcome Food Addictions Checklist
  • 7-day meal preparation week complete with shopping lists
  • Ready Made Grocery List with Shopping Tips 


Week 4

Train your Brain to Think Thin  

Learn How  

  • Recognize your inner critic voice and understand its role in your weight release success
  • Learn how to stop sabotaging yourself and finally get results
  • Replace Negative Self-Talk with Powerful Thoughts and affirmations   
  • Importance of journaling to weight release success
  • 4 simple steps to reprogram your mind to manifest the body of your dreams                                 

Bonus: You will also receive:

  • A Guide to help your design your symbol of  success
  • A Step-by Step Guide to help you journal your feelings and thoughts 
  • A beginners guide to help you develop positive self-talk
  • Guided visualization to create your thin personality


Week 5

Overcome Challenges

 Learn How 

  • To prepare fat burning meals on a busy schedule
  • To prevent overindulging during social settings, vacations, holidays and traveling
  • Secrets to staying lean, fit while eating out at a restaurant
  • Start With the End in Mind: How To Use Your Mind’s Eye to Guarantee Your Success
  •  How to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine

​Bonus: You will also receive:

  • Step by Step Guide on How to Write you own Success Story
  • 20 Tips To eating out at a restaurant
  • Meal Plan Sample
  • Snack Ideas 
  • 5 Powerful Personal Reflection Affirmation 


Week 6

Celebrate your success ~Take it Off and keep it Off

Learn How

  • Maintain your Dream Body by Creating a system that you that works
  • How to reinforce the work that you did by revisiting your “why” and goals
  • How to stand fully in your Power and embrace the new you
  • The warning signs, how to recognize self -sabotage
  • Establish the tools and support to keep you on track as the program draws to an end.

Bonus: You will also receive:

  • 6 Key Strategies to Preventing Plateaus
  • The 5 Keys to Sticking to your Nutrition and Meal Compliance Companion 
  • Checklist on how to Practice Daily Self-Improvement
  • Vision Board of the new you


The Body Wisdom ™  Boot-Camp is delivered virtually via:

  • 6 Powerful Webinar or Audio Classes- Delivered to your inbox weekly.  Join me each week as I walk you through an action pack webinar or audio  which you can listen through your computer or download the (MP3) to listen on your IPod.
  • Downloadable Action Guides and Workbooks – For each module, you will receive "done for you" templates, worksheets and checklists to save you time and take the guess work of what you need to be working on. You’ll have all you need to create your ideal

Are You A Good Fit For The Body Wisdom Bootcamp™?

Not everyone is the right fit for my coaching programs. After working with many clients. I’ve discovered that I work best with clients who are really ready to claim the results they say that they want.  I have taken into account your busy lifestyle and created a program that is truly doable, realistic and understands your needs.

This program is ONLY right for you IF:  

  • You tried every diet under the sun but have no results to show for it
  • You are tired of yo-yo-dieting, sick of looking and feeling the way that you do and ready for a change
  • You are ready to take charge of your health and get rid of the “diet” mindset
  • You’re motivated and committed to follow the program
  • You want to release the weight in a convenient manner without excluding your family
  • You are ready to transform the old you to the new you
  • Absolutely LOVE the idea of being part of a powerful group of woman who are making changes in their lives


Imagine How Good You Can Feel When You Release The Weight Forever


  • You will release those inner struggles that have been keeping you where you want to be
  • You will finally eliminate those loss/gain cycles and get off the diet roller coaster forever
  • You will wear clothes that make you feel incredible and not feel self-conscious about your body
  • You will finally fit into the clothes that are sitting in your closet
  • You will experience the pleasure of eating the foods you love—without guilt or overeating
  • You will develop powerful patterns of thinking so you can you live the balanced, vibrant life you desire
  • You will reconnect with your true essence, enjoy your family and look fabulous at the same time
  • You would feel completely in control when you are around food
  • You would feel super confident and positive about yourself and your body
  • You will have a system that will help you tackle yourself talk so you can "stick" to your new lifestyle with ease
 Program Is Filled With Content-rich Information That Will Help You Release Weight So You can Reclaim Your Sexiness For Good!  












What Others Are Saying.. 

"I've consistently made correct food choices and lost 14 pounds."  Since I started working with Ange, I lost 14 pounds to date and I plan to continue my new found discipline during the holidays.  I have basically weaned myself away from sugar and my fridge is stocked with frozen veggies.  Even when I eat things that I should not – I know that I can get back on track without guilt.  Her seminars helped me more than anything that I have done to eat properly in years.  I am trying to exercise more regularly as I know that the exercise will really super charge the weight loss but some days I am too exhausted.  Ange is someone who has the knowledge and spirit to make a difference in your life.  If you are ready to receive her help she can lead you to a better self.  Sauda S. Educator 

"I lost 10lbs and I am reading more food Labels" As a result of being in Ange’s  coaching program, I have lost 10lbs, I am reading more food labels and being more conscious about what goes into my body and what I am feeding my family.    I understand how what I put into my body impacts my body.  I am reading more labels and taking more time to prepare my meals and set myself up for success.  I have made exercise a part of my routine without over working myself.   Ange is motivating and encouraging and focuses on a life style change appose to just weight loss. Which is important and yields more lasting results.  You will feel better about your mind, body and soul!  Kichelle C. Program Director     

"I'm Cooking More" When I first started out with Ange in the weight loss challenge, I was not cooking dinner. I would go home and try to finagle meals when indeed I knew I just needed to get in my kitchen and cook appropriately. About 6 weeks into the program, I actually got motivated to cook on my own in my own kitchen. I steamed broccoli, cooked brown rice and cook shrimp. I prepacked my dinner in tuber-ware containers and I was set for dinner for the week. Coming to the meetings on Thursdays was a lot of motivation for me to change my mind set about cooking. I am well on my way to cooking healthier.  Marimba B. Speech Therapist 

"I have a lighter feeling each day" Since being in Ange's coaching program I have a greater lighter feeling each day.  Before I started working with Ange, the biggest struggle for me was   getting rid of all the snacks, they are usually my crutch during the day.  At first it was hard but when I started to  pay attention to what I was putting in my body and started to make good decisions it became easier.  I learned from Ange how to look at my body in a different way and how listening to the true you is what makes the difference.  The great feeling I have now is also motivation to keep going." Sancha F.   Webdesigner  

"I am now more aware of how different foods affect my body" Before I started working with Ange, I didn't understand how sugar and alcohol affect my weight loss goals. Since our time together, I have definitely have cut back on the sugar and read ALL labels. I've significantly cut back on the number of days a week I drink and when I do drink wine, I can stop at one glass. Jennifer D. Entrepreneur

"I Lost 18 pounds" Initially when I started, I weighed 187.5lbs. I have tried many weight loss programs. Since working with Ange, she has shown me how to eat healthy, what foods make you gain weight, fruits that have sugars that can cause weight gain, how to manage my cravings, how to read food labels, better ways to prepare food, not to become an emotional eater and how to tackle the vicious sugar cravings and most importantly how to love my body where I am, while looking ahead to my new body. I am continuing my weight loss journey and value every piece of information that was shared. It has truly been a blessing to have such a wonderful and motivating coach. Ange, I thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance and advice. As a result I currently weight 169.5. My goal is to be a healthy 145 by the summer. Tanisha M.  School Counselor/Educator  


What is the Investment For This Incredible Life Changing Program?

Here's an even better question:  You already know you need to eat your fruits, vegetables and exercise regularly. So ever wonder why you constantly sabotage yourself? If you have tried every diet under the stars and still struggling, its time to finally put in end to the madness, get support and create a system that REALLY works.

Answer these questions: 

  • Are you going to allow yourself to remain on the diet roller-coaster looking for solutions that continues to fail you?
  • Are you going to spend another year daydreaming about what could be and feeling bad about your weight?
  • Are you going to make this year, the year you stop making empty promises to yourself ?

 This could be the most valuable step you could ever take.. Transform Your Life and Break Free from the diet roller coaster TODAY!! If you are READY  to STOP letting your weight dominate your life, I invite you to sign up now for this amazing program today.  


Sign Up Now for this Amazing Inner Circle Body Wisdom Boot-Camp Today!  By Taking Action and Showing up Powerfully Your Life will Never be the Same. Remember, it takes daily healthy actions to create and maintain your ideal body.

Ladies, I am presenting you with an opportunity that will transform your body and life. If you are serious about finding Long-Term Solution to Create and maintain the Body of Your Dreams, I urge you to join us!

Questions? Ask me any questions you have and I’ll personally reply. I want you to make the decision that is right for you.  Just email me at  


To your best health,  











PS. You’ll be surprised at how simple and effortless it will be to release weight, reconnect with yourself with this system. P.P.S. Remember these are the same steps I personally used to successfully release and maintain 50+ pounds. No matter what your goals are you can start using this powerful system right now. I will show you how to use these steps,implement them in your life but you have to register to receive my personal secrets.

PPS – Still sitting on the fence? I offer a money  back guarantee. You can get your money back and keep the resources you received if you feel the program doesn't meet your needs or expectations after Session #1. I want you to be happy and successful!