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Finally – The Fastest, Easiest Way To Not Only Lose The Weight But Keep It Off!


7 Critical Steps You Must Take if You Want to Take off Your Fat Suit for Good! 

Is This YOU?

  • You are fed up, with having to lose the same weight over and over again?

  • You are sick of exercise routines that you can't stick with?

  • You are tired of diets that leave you starved and fatter than when you started? 


I know.  I’ve been there too. 

Not too long ago, I was where you are now.  I was  overwhelmed, overworked,  overeating  and battling excess weight.   For years, I yo-yo dieted trying the greatest and latest diet program so I can get the sexy body I dreamt about.  There were times when I thought I found the answers  to my problems, the magic pill that was going to finally reduce the size of my thighs but when life pushed back, pulling me in many directions, I found myself struggling to maintain my diet program.  Without a real plan, a system that actually worked with my lifestyle, I got frustrated, lost motivation and didn't care enough to move forward. I returned to what I knew, I indulged in fatty, sugary foods, stopped exercising and simply got stuck in a rut.



Then it hit me….

“Weight loss is an inside game. I was trying to lose the extra weight but ended up losing my mind instead. You see, that is where it ALL starts, in the mind.  While I was daydreaming about what I wanted to accomplish for my body, my head wasn't in the game and I  didn’t have a solid plan in place to make sure those daydreams became a reality”

In my mind,  I thought what could be so hard, all I had to do was eliminate certain foods, exercise and the weight will come off,  right?  Well, because my head wasn't in the game, I didn't have a solid plan and when life showed up, I found myself sinking fast, losing sight of my goals and regaining every single weight I had lost.

Once got my head straight, my body didn't have the choice but to follow. As a result, I release over 50 pounds but I kept it off for 9 years and have helped countless women do the same.  I want to show YOU how you can do the same.


REAL SUCCESS Happens When You Know Where You are Going, 

Have the Tools and Techniques You Need to Create The Body You Deserve

(and keep it even when life shows up)…  


7 Day Quick Start ™ – The Easiest Way to Lose The Weight and Keep it Off For Good By Releasing Your Inner Fat  


I am thrilled to share with you my no nonsense, no hype, no empty promises  7 Day Quick Start The Easiest Way to Lose the Weight and Keep it Off For Good™ 

Your weight loss solution is:

NOT in the pill

NOT in frozen calorie meals or shakes

NOT in a special diet program endorsed by a celebrity

The answer is inside YOU

You hold the key and I am going to show you how to unlock it. I am going to give you key strategies that will help you create a powerful domino affect that will change EVERYTHING in your life including your weight, simply by looking within yourself and removing the clutter that is holding you back from living your best life.

I’ve put together a SIMPLE yet foolproof system that helps prepare your mind and body before your diet.  That’s where this program is different.  It sets your head straight so your body can automatically follow.  It gives you the oh so simple but little known techniques that will guarantee success this time.  Until sooner rather than later you wake up and realize that you’ve done it.  You’ve achieved your goals.  What’s more, you’re going to stay that way.  Sounds easy?  It is.    

“Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to get it together enough to take the first step? or to follow through with your desire to create a healthy lifestyle?” 

Over and over again you hear the same old stuff – eat less and move more.  But what if some days you don’t feel like doing that?  And what if those days become a regular thing? Pretty soon you’re back where you started – overweight and out of shape.  That’s when you start to beat yourself up.  And so it goes on.


But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!


You can break out of this vicious cycle.  How?  By learning the simple secrets that will transform your way of thinking so you can change your body at the same time.


In the 7 Day Quick Start  you will… 


  • Free Yourself to Focus on YOU. Forget cookie cutter programs – this one tackles your inner fat so you can effortlessly release the physical fat
  • Learn the secrets of staying motivated , with the help of our positive affirmations and powerful MP3s   
  • Develop the same winning mindset as a top athlete so you can create the body you deserve
  • Adopt a killer attitude that will leave you hungry for more 
  • Understand why you have failed in the past and why you will never fail again

The 7 Day Quick Start is the only way – to ensure you get slim and stay slim.  Why?  Because, unlike all the other programs out there, this one is about YOU..  Together we will  pinpoint, your obstacles,  real life curve balls and design a powerful blueprint that will  prepare for any roadblocks so  you can control them  instead of letting them control you.


Results and Outcomes are what you are investing in!








The 7 Day Quick Start works because it is all about YOU rather than thousands of other people out there who want to lose weight.

  • This program goes to the root of the problem, giving you the motivation and self-belief to get and stay slender while having a whole lot of fun. 
  • This program is designed to meet the needs of real people – people just like you.   
  • This program provides a laser targeted but easy to follow regimen that can change the life of anyone who follows it to the letter.

I understand first hand that diets get boring, most exercise routines are simply too hard and there are times you are not motivated to keep moving forward.  That’s why I’ve designed the 7 day Quick Start with YOU in mind.  I know that, once you’ve learned all the techniques I have to teach you, staying slim and healthy will simply be a way of life. 

My clients never feel deprived. 

They don’t feel like they have to give up anything to get into their greatest shape ever. Instead, they discover how wonderful it feels to look incredible day after day.  And they never give up because they simply do not WANT to give up.  The 7 Day Quick Start is a program that genuinely changes lives…permanently. 

Your Step-by-Step Action Guide…  Tools and Strategies to Help You Create a Powerful Weight Loss Blueprint That Gets  REAL Results

The  7 Day Quick Start system is designed to be extremely access, simple to manage and implement  in your demanding schedule.  This entire program is delivered via email to make it super convenient.  You will create powerful small action goals that will help you tap into your inner body wisdom, help you discover who you are, what you want and how achieving your goals will enrich your live.  This is not about losing weight but reclaiming your sexiness and taking back your body.





Your Success Tools..

Here’s what’s included in the 7 Day Quick Start The Easiest Way to Lose The Weight and Keep it Off For Good

Digital Download:

  • Daily Video Coaching
  • Easy to apply audio training’s to guide you in creating your powerful blueprint
  • Quick Start workbook/ guide  to help make your process more successful
  • Downloadable forms, handy checklist and templates
  • Interactive community for additional support and accountability
  • Weekly motivational emails for extra accountability to keep you on track, motivated and focused on your goals
  •  BONUS – Post-Program Support!

    YES, I will follow up by email for 7 days after the program has ended to ensure your success in making lasting lifestyle changes.

  • one 45 minute private one-on-one coaching call with me where you will receive 1.1 attention, get your questions answered, so you can continue to be successful on your journey.

*Get Immediate Access To The 7 Day Quick Start Today*


YES Ange! – I Am Ready for the 7 Day Quick Start ™ –The Easiest Way to Lose The Weight and Keep it Off For Good to develop a powerful blueprint that will change my health, my body and my life! I am ready to stop struggling, ditch the diet mentality so I can start living my live with intention. I am ready to receive the guidance and support I need to help me end my battle with my weight and obsession with food. I understand that I have to show up powerfully and take action for the transformation to occur!



Your Investment:

Get Started Quickly


Special Investment $27 ENDS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2013 




What Other’s Have to Say…  

“I Lost 18 pounds” Initially when I started, I weighed 187.5lbs. I have tried many weight loss programs. Since working with Ange, she has shown me how to eat healthy, what foods make you gain weight, fruits that have sugars that can cause weight gain, how to manage my cravings, how to read food labels, better ways to prepare food, not to become an emotional eater and how to tackle the vicious sugar cravings and most importantly how to love my body where I am, while looking ahead to my new body. I am continuing my weight loss journey and value every piece of information that was shared. It has truly been a blessing to have such a wonderful and motivating coach. Ange, I thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance and advice. As a result I currently weight 169.5. My goal is to be a healthy 145 by the summer. Tanisha M.  School Counselor/Educator  


“I have a lighter feeling each day” Since being in Ange’s coaching program I have a greater lighter feeling each day.  Before I started working with Ange, the biggest struggle for me was   getting rid of all the snacks, they are usually my crutch during the day.  At first it was hard but when I started to  pay attention to what I was putting in my body and started to make good decisions it became easier.  I learned from Ange how to look at my body in a different way and how listening to the true you is what makes the difference.  The great feeling I have now is also motivation to keep going.” Sancha F.   Webdesigner  


“I’ve consistently made correct food choices and lost 14 pounds.”  Since I started working with Ange, I lost 14 pounds to date and I plan to continue my new found discipline during the holidays.  I have basically weaned myself away from sugar and my fridge is stocked with frozen veggies.  Even when I eat things that I should not – I know that I can get back on track without guilt.  Her seminars helped me more than anything that I have done to eat properly in years.  I am trying to exercise more regularly as I know that the exercise will really super charge the weight loss but some days I am too exhausted.  Ange is someone who has the knowledge and spirit to make a difference in your life.  If you are ready to receive her help she can lead you to a better self. Sauda S. Educator





To your best life,

P.S. These are the same steps I personally used to help me get started and successfully release and maintain 50+ pounds. No matter what your goals are you can start using th

is powerful system right now. I will show you how to use these steps,implement them in your life but you have to register to receive my personal secrets.

P.P.S. – Remember, diets don’t work if.  If you want to jump start your success, take massive action to slim down your waistline, thighs, hips or butt, you have to do something different than what you’ve been doing.  If you continue to do this on your own you are going to get the same results. What I am offering you is the easiest, exciting, risk-free way to get moving and reclaiming your sexiness once and for all.


My Personal Guarantee


Here’s the reality, this mini retreat can change your life, as it has mine. That’s why I’m so passionate about doing everything I can to support you in saying YES to yourself.

So here’s my invitation to you. Register for the session and if you’re not 100% impressed with what you’re learning, just let my team know within 30 days of placing your order.

We’ll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 30 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my programs, trainings or events within one year. Please note since the digital version includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program.