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Release Your Inner Fat™ 

Let Go Of What No Longer Serves and Create a Body & Life You LOVE 

Dear busy, high-achieving woman–

Thanks for your interest in the Release Your Inner Fat, Holistic Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching program designed to help you take control of your body and life so you can release the weight for good and for real.   Here is a bit of information about the program and the coaching process:

Here is the deal, losing and keeping weight off isn't just about calories and exercise there is much more to the equation.  There are many factors that affects your body's ability to lose weight which is often skipped over or never discussed.  The bad news is that if you chose not to address the real issues that are causing you to lose and "find" those same pounds over and over again, you will find yourself on an never ending journey searching for peace with your body and food.  It's important to understand that everything that we do must be in alignment with who we truly are (even eating).  If you are overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, not taking care of our health, these are signs that we are out of alignment with your soul purpose, something is up  and its time to cleanse EVERYTHING that does not bring us joy!  It's time to release, let go, heal your body story and reclaim your life and sexiness once and for all. 

It’s time for a makeover to represent who you are on the inside and allow that to show on the outside.  Are YOU ready?

If so, then the Release Your Inner Fat Holistic Weight Loss Program is for YOU 


Hi, I’m Ange Anglade. I’m a licensed social worker, certified life coach, Board Certified holistic health coach and nutritionist. I have combined my passion for social work, nutrition and fitness to help women take control of their bodies and life by ditching the diet mindset to focus on where it matters the most: the “why” of their weight so they can finally find peace with emotional eating, food and yo-yo weight loss.  I absolutely love working with women around weight related issues, helping them discover real solutions that will help them finally end their struggle with "weight" so they can completely and totally love the person they see in the mirror and stop obsessing about their body, food and start living a fabulous diet free life.   

My motto is "don't start a diet program that you have to do, start a fabulous diet free lifestyle that you are proud of."  I invite you to release the desire to trap yourself into a restrictive program, let go, and live life to the fullest.
Getting to the WHY of your weight, doesn't mean finding that magic program that will help you get more will power so you can “stick with” your diet.  It doesn’t involve tricks, potions and empty promises to rapid weight loss and/or helping you get more self control and deprivation.  What I teach my clients is how to develop strategies that will help gain power over food for good.   
Together we will get to the bottom of what's REALLY weighing you down…

You will release those inner struggles that have been keeping you from where you want to be

You will finally eliminate those loss/gain cycles and get off the diet roller coaster forever

You will wear clothes that make you feel incredible and not feel self-conscious about your body

You will finally let go of old programming, old beliefs, that are secretly sabotaging your weight loss

You will experience the pleasure of eating the foods you love—without guilt or overeating

You will develop powerful patterns of thinking so you can you live the balanced, vibrant life you desire

You will reconnect with your true essence, enjoy your family and look fabulous at the same time

You would feel completely in control when you are around food

You would feel super confident and positive about yourself and your body

You will have a system that will help you tackle yourself talk so you can “stick” to your new lifestyle with ease

This amazing  step by step  holistic approach addresses the underlying issues of weight gain, so you can finally achieve lasting peace with food.

“I Lost 18 pounds” Initially when I started, I weighed 187.5lbs. I have tried many weight loss programs. Since working with Ange, she has shown me how to eat healthy, what foods make you gain weight, fruits that have sugars that can cause weight gain, how to manage my cravings, how to read food labels, better ways to prepare food, not to become an emotional eater and how to tackle the vicious sugar cravings and most importantly how to love my body where I am, while looking ahead to my new body. I am continuing my weight loss journey and value every piece of information that was shared. It has truly been a blessing to have such a wonderful and motivating coach. Ange, I thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance and advice. As a result I currently weight 169.5. My goal is to be a healthy 145 by the summer. Tanisha M.  School Counselor/Educator


Release Your Inner Fat™: Shed Your "Weight" For Real and Forever


My one-on-one private coaching program uses the power of my signature Release Your Inner Fat Transformation Wheel™ to give you the comprehensive, lasting results you deserve. We will cover all six critical steps in the transformation wheel.  Listed below what we will work on together:


First Course of Action…

In preparation for an enormous breakthrough we will start our work together by helping you create the vision that represents the next version of you!  Together I will help you set intentions and create a road-map of where you are headed.

The personalized help, expertise and support you will receive will assist you in creating a clear purpose for yourself, help you discover your inner roadblocks, and set specific, meaningful, measurable goals for yourself. 

Women who are successful at releasing weight have very strong beliefs in their abilities and the possibility of their success. It is these powerful belief systems that allow them to set high goals and to never give up on them.  In private time together, I will personally help you set  powerful goals that eliminates limiting belief systems and adopt new beliefs that will make achieving your goals effortless.

In the Release Your Inner Fat Holistic Weight Loss and Wellness Coaching Program, we’ll tackle your unique goals as I coach you personally through 6 simple steps to making peace with food:

  1.  Spiritual:  Who Are You and  What Do You Really Want?     Let's Get To The "Why" of your Weight-  Yes, its time to get to the root of your weight gain, gain clarity on the messages your weight is telling you about your life, so you can gently start shedding limiting beliefs, negative self talk, old programming and self sabotaging patterns. This is when you start to peel the layers of your why, take responsibility, connect to your body and discover its needs and wants. 

2. Thoughts: Changing Your Self Talk-  Your brain is an amazing tool to help you release weight permanently. The way we think and talk to ourselves will strongly influence how we deal with food. What we say to ourselves, our "self talk" deeply affects our emotions and behavior.  I will teach you how to recognize your negative self talk, old mental programs that often leads to self sabotage. You will receive powerful tools and affirmations that will help you succeed in making the positive changes that will allow you to control your eating permanently. I will show you how to use the theater of your mind to create the body you desire.  I will help you learn how to master your emotions and  guide you on re-training your brain for a positive outcome.  You will learn the  process of “visualization” and guided imagery which will help you “SEE” the “YOU” you want to become.  

3. Emotional: Mastering Your Emotions- Overcoming emotional eating is the most important step you can take in developing permanent control over your diet.  I will teach you how to eliminate eating out of frustration, rage, anxiety, boredom, depression, guilt, etc.  I will also teach you how to relearn to eat on the basis of hunger, energy requirements and physiological needs.  

4. Actions: Stand in Your Power and Re-write Your Body Story – The stories we tell our souls matter, it can influence our behavior, attitude and even shape our life.  I will help you uncover the stories you are telling yourself about who you are. You will release any stories that have been holding you back, causing self sabotage, so you can create new stories that carry you forward towards your goals.

5. Body: Reclaim Your Body Confidence-  Who doesn't want to be healthy enough to be able to do all the things that you want to do for the rest of your life? It goes without saying that you want to look and feel your best, you know that sticking to your new lifestyle is the best way to reach your goal.  You will receive useful content- tips, tools,  strategies and dress your new body, for how love your reflection and embrace the person you see in the mirror.  You will learn how to redefine your unique style, boost your  self-esteem, confidence, walk into any setting fully loving and embracing your curves, your body your life.I will teach you how to reclaim your body confidence by understanding how your body, weight, food and eating all have important and powerful meanings to you. By understanding the meanings you will gain the confidence you need to boldly step into your body with confidence to succeed. 

6. Passion: Become Unstoppable-  I will teach you how to maintain your dream body by creating a system that you that works for your unique needs. To reinforce the work that you did by revisiting your “why” and goals. To stand fully in your Power and embrace the new you.The warning signs, how to recognize self -sabotage

To request an application for the Private Coaching Program, click here: Private Coaching Packages 

Here are some of the results you can expect:

  • Gain clarity on what you're emotionally feeding your body after you are full
  • Gain tools and strategies to help you connect with your body, understand its triggers,needs so you can no the difference between real hunger and   
  • Release, free yourself of limiting beliefs so you can put your attention where it matters the most
  • Create a personal road-map that works with your body type and lifestyle 

How does it work?

6 private coaching sessions (60 minutes) –   The bi-weekly coaching calls are highly interactive, take action format and gives you the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and try on new ideas. Please come prepared with your questions, get them answered so you can be successful on your journey. You will be given an assignment designed to help you implement the strategies that we will discuss.

Downloadable Action Guides and Workbooks –You will receive “done for you” templates, worksheets and checklists to save you time and take the guess work of what you need to be working on.  

Audio Recordings- All coaching calls will be recorded and archived in a secure online page so you can download them and listen to them at your convenience!
Self Talk For Weight Loss CDs (value $97)- Change your old mental programs and watch the fat melt away. If you are interested in private coaching and would like to set up a complementary consultation, you can go here: Private Coaching Packages. by clicking here.

The process is very simple. Simply schedule a 45 minute, no-strings-attached, complimentary “Reclaim Your Sexiness Strategy Session“ to help you explore new possibilities and paths to releasing your weight— for real and forever—and creating the body and life you want and deserve. Click Here   


Who Can Join? 

Not everyone is the right fit for my coaching programs. After working with many clients. I’ve discovered that I work best with clients who are really ready to claim the results they say that they want.  I have taken into account your busy lifestyle and created a program that is truly doable, realistic and understands your needs.

This program is ONLY right for you IF:

  • You tried every diet under the sun and ready to focus on getting to the root of your emotional eating

  • You are ready to take charge of your health and get rid of the “diet” mindset

  • You want to release the weight in a convenient manner without excluding your family

  • You are ready to transform the old you to the new you


“I have a lighter feeling each day” Since being in Ange’s coaching program I have a greater lighter feeling each day.  Before I started working with Ange, the biggest struggle for me was   getting rid of all the snacks, they are usually my crutch during the day.  At first it was hard but when I started to  pay attention to what I was putting in my body and started to make good decisions it became easier.  I learned from Ange how to look at my body in a different way and how listening to the true you is what makes the difference.  The great feeling I have now is also motivation to keep going.” Sancha F.   Webdesigner

"I realize that I need to change my sense of myself to a healthy eating identity" I really like your grounded approach to this topic. It has made me start to think about my identity around eating. I realize that after all these years, I still need to change my sense of myself to a healthy eating identity. I am looking forward to our coaching sessions"  H. Young 


What is the Investment For This Incredible Life Changing Program?

Here’s an even better question:  You already know you need to eat your fruits, vegetables and exercise regularly. So ever wonder why you constantly sabotage yourself? If you have tried every diet under the stars and still struggling, its time to finally put in end to the madness, get support and create a system that REALLY works.

Answer these questions:

  • Are you going to allow yourself to remain on the diet roller-coaster looking for solutions that continues to fail you?

  • Are you going to spend another year daydreaming about what could be and feeling bad about your weight?

  • Are you going to make this year, the year you stop making empty promises to yourself?  


Ask me any questions you have and I’ll personally reply. I want you to make the decision that is right for you. Just email me at

All one-on-one coaching sessions within the U.S. can be done on the phone or via  Skype. Clients living outside of the U.S. have the option of using Skype or calling in for their sessions.


Let's  get started:

Request your Free 60 minute Consultation Today



To your best health,

PS. You’ll be surprised at how simple and effortless it will be to release weight, reconnect with yourself with this system.

P.P.S. Remember these are the same steps I personally used to successfully release and maintain 50+ pounds. No matter what your goals are you can start using this powerful system right now. I will show you how to use these steps,implement them in your life but you have to register to receive my personal secrets.

PPS – Still sitting on the fence? I offer a money  back guarantee. You can get your money back and keep the resources you received if you feel the program doesn’t meet your needs or expectations after Session #1. I want you to be happy and successful!


My Personal Guarantee

 Here’s the reality, this mini retreat can change your life, as it has mine. That’s why I’m so passionate about doing everything I can to support you in saying YES to yourself.

So here’s my invitation to you. Register for the session and if you’re not 100% impressed with what you’re learning, just let my team know within 30 days of placing your order.

We’ll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 30 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my programs, trainings or events within one year. Please note since the digital version includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program.