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Ange Anglade, MSW, LGSW, CHHC, is a Certified Life Coach, Emotional Wellness Consultant, Speaker and the creator of girl INPOWEREDand Reclaim Your Sexiness™.  She has combined her passion for social work, along with her training in psychotherapy, emotional freedom technique, food psychology, mindfulness and holistic nutrition to help women and girls freely and openly love themselves first without apology. It is her mission and life work to empower women and girls to embrace self love, self confidence and positive self talk into their soul. 

Coined as an ambassador for emotional wellness; Ange develops holistic and wellness programs, coaching girls ages 8-17 through her innovative program Girls INPOWERED to look within themselves and fully embrace their unique talents, skills and inner beauty.  She works closely with women through her Weight Release Program, Reclaim Your Sexiness designed to empower women to get off the diet roller-coaster, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, heal their body story and end emotional eating for good. This unique holistic approach looks at the total picture to address all areas of a person’s life in relation to releasing excess weight, providing them with tools that they need to take back control of their life, creating balance and wholeness.

In addition to a Masters in Social Work, Ange holds various certifications, she received her holistic health training and certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® earning accreditation from The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She is a Certified Life Coach, trained under the esteemed Dr. Shad Helmstetter, She has training in Body Type Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Food Psychology. Ange is also a parent educator and trainer for the award-winning Color Me Healthy curriculum, a practice-tested intervention designed to teach young children and their families the importance of physical activity and healthy eating.



For Girls  


What's Real, What's Fake and Everything In Between: Where Do YOU Fit In?


Vision Mapping: What Do I Want to Be When I Grow up? 



For Women

Unmasking Your True Hunger: Reconnecting With Your Emotions, Your Body, Your Life 

In this interactive workshop, I explain the importance of unmasking our true hunger, revealing the truth behind our emotional hunger binges, gently releasing our fears, limiting beliefs, self doubt, everything that no longer serves us so we can get to the real matter of what is not being emotionally fed in our lives.  Participants will receive powerful strategies that will enable them to recognize physical hunger and emotional hunger, tune into their bodies, acknowledge what their bodies are asking of them, nuture what they are truly hungry for and be fully present in their bodies and life.


What's Eating African American Women? Healing our Body Story and Breaking the Silence on Emotional Eating

When it comes to obesity, African American women are the most overweight group of people in America.  Despite the life-threatening risk of   carrying excess weight and the First Lady’s attempt to get us moving, African American women still can’t get their act together. What is the real story behind our weight gain? Is it really about “food”? This highly interactive workshop will address the underlying issues that might be affecting our health and weight, offering solutions that will help women stand in their power, remove their  mask, allowing their bodies to heal, telling the story of pain, courage, strength and ending in the growing epidemic of obesity in African American women.

Purpose and Passion: Are You Living In Yours?

What is the true definition of purpose and passion? Do you know how they feel?   Are you living the life you attended or are you going through the motions?  It's so easy to get off-track, time passes and one day you realize that you are so far off-course that you don't have any idea how to get back to the life you envisioned.  Even worse, you might not even be sure of what you really want anymore.  This interaction workshop will provide you with  excellent strategies to help you get back on track, help you discover your purpose, passion, simplify your life, set goals, get back in shape, be happier and more positive as you live your life according to what’s most important to you.

















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