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Here are a few samples of what clients are saying about their  experience working with Ange Anglade.


"I'm Cooking More" When I first started out with Ange in the weight loss challenge, I was not cooking dinner. I would go home and try to finagle meals when indeed I knew I just needed to get in my kitchen and cook appropriately. About 6 weeks into the program, I actually got motivated to cook on my own in my own kitchen. I steamed broccoli, cooked brown rice and cook shrimp. I prepacked my dinner in tuber-ware containers and I was set for dinner for the week. Coming to the meetings on Thursdays was a lot of motivation for me to change my mind set about cooking. I am well on my way to cooking healthier.  Marimba B. Speech Therapist


"I Lost 18 pounds" Initially when I started, I weighed 187.5lbs. I have tried many weight loss programs. Since working with Ange, she has shown me how to eat healthy, what foods make you gain weight, fruits that have sugars that can cause weight gain, how to manage my cravings, how to read food labels, better ways to prepare food, not to become an emotional eater and how to tackle the vicious sugar cravings and most importantly how to love my body where I am, while looking ahead to my new body. I am continuing my weight loss journey and value every piece of information that was shared. It has truly been a blessing to have such a wonderful and motivating coach. Ange, I thank you so much for your wisdom, guidance and advice. As a result I currently weight 169.5. My goal is to be a healthy 145 by the summer. Tanisha M.  School Counselor/Educator  


"I have a lighter feeling each day" Since being in Ange's coaching program I have a greater lighter feeling each day.  Before I started working with Ange, the biggest struggle for me was   getting rid of all the snacks, they are usually my crutch during the day.  At first it was hard but when I started to  pay attention to what I was putting in my body and started to make good decisions it became easier.  I learned from Ange how to look at my body in a different way and how listening to the true you is what makes the difference.  The great feeling I have now is also motivation to keep going." Sancha F.   Webdesigner  


"I've consistently made correct food choices and lost 14 pounds."  Since I started working with Ange, I lost 14 pounds to date and I plan to continue my new found discipline during the holidays.  I have basically weaned myself away from sugar and my fridge is stocked with frozen veggies.  Even when I eat things that I should not – I know that I can get back on track without guilt.  Her seminars helped me more than anything that I have done to eat properly in years.  I am trying to exercise more regularly as I know that the exercise will really super charge the weight loss but some days I am too exhausted.  Ange is someone who has the knowledge and spirit to make a difference in your life.  If you are ready to receive her help she can lead you to a better self. Sauda S. Educator


 "I 10lbs and I am reading more food Labels" As a result of being in Ange’s  coaching program, I have lost 10lbs, I am reading more food labels and being more conscious about what goes into my body and what I am feeding my family.    I understand how what I put into my body impacts my body.  I am reading more labels and taking more time to prepare my meals and set myself up for success.  I have made exercise a part of my routine without over working myself.   Ange is motivating and encouraging and focuses on a life style change appose to just weight loss. Which is important and yields more lasting results.  You will feel better about your mind, body and soul!  Kichelle C. Program Director    


"I am now more aware of how different foods affect my body" Before I started working with Ange, I didn't understand how sugar and alcohol affect my weight loss goals. Since our time together, I have definitely have cut back on the sugar and read ALL labels. I've significantly cut back on the number of days a week I drink and when I do drink wine, I can stop at one glass. Jennifer D. Entrepreneur

I realize that I need to change my sense of myself to a healthy eating identity" I really like your grounded approach to this topic. It has made me start to think about my identity around eating. I realize that after all these years, I still need to change my sense of myself to a healthy eating identity. I am looking forward to our coaching sessions H. Young